Aerial Dance Classes

  • An Introduction to Grace and Style

    Aerialist Quynbi shares beginner tips to make your movements more smooth and graceful. Quynbi has 15 years of experience as an aerialist and currently performs an act in Duo Reves. In this video, she shares a few of her easy tips to make moves look purposeful, graceful, and styled.

  • Stretching for Aerial Arts

    Join Quynbi in this 20-minute stretch routine, exploring the shoulders, wrists, splits and more.

  • Sling Strength and Conditioning

    Join Quynbi in this 10-minute video covering strength and conditioning exercises for aerial arts.

  • Master the Art of Spinning

    Quynbi shares beginner-friendly tips to spin like a pro! Follow along to learn her tips to spin with confidence and grace.