Step Over Pilates Series

  • Step Over Pilates Part 1

    This class will help in mobilizing your spine and strengthening your abdominal muscles. Balance and control using the hammock to deepen the experience. It includes exercises such as stretch forward and rollback.

  • Step Over Pilates Part 2

    This class will improve your pelvic stability. Add an element of instability by balancing and controlling using the hammock. It includes exercises such as teaser, saw, bridge, single leg circle.

  • Step Over Pilates Part 3

    This class will strengthen and stretch your Inner Leg Muscles. It includes exercises such as adductors and thread the needle

  • Step Over Pilates Part 4

    This class will stretch your chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen. It includes exercises and poses that will open your heart and lungs such as the cow pose and cobra pose.

  • Step Over Pilates Part 5

    This class will help work on your balance and arm strength. It includes learning aerial yoga poses like rocker and mermaid.