Featured Videos

  • Pose Tutorial: Inverted Gazelle

    Inverted Gazelle Pose is a fantastic option for an aerial yoga beginner student. In this episode of our Pose Tutorial series, you will learn how to get upside down safely and practice basic inversions on the hammock.

  • Pose Tutorial: Seahorse Pose

    Feel a deep stretch in your hips, thighs, and lower back with our Pose Tutorial: Seahorse Pose! It’s a great way to stretch out the hips without forcing them into a deep backbend.

  • Pose Tutorial: Warrior Poses

    Challenge your Balance with our new Pose Tutorial: Warrior Poses. In this class, Natalie will show you the steps on how you can use the aerial yoga hammock to support warrior poses. It includes Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Warrior 3 and reverse or sun warrior.

  • Aerial Power Yoga: Core Strength Focus

    Learn this week from Aerial yoga instructor, Natalie, as she teaches a power yoga flow that will have you using the aerial hammock to support dynamic poses like chair pose, modified child's pose and three point plank

  • Pose Tutorial: Front Balance

    Stretch your Core and Build your Confidence in the Hammock with our new Pose Tutorial: Front Balance. This is a lovely pose that lets you feel like you're actually floating on air or flying. Natalie also explains the common mistakes in trying this pose, and how to fix it.

  • Pose Tutorial: Foot Hang

    A great movement to stretch your core and leg, while also giving you a nice upper body workout! Join our new Pose Tutorial with Natalie, Foot Hang. This class includes a step by step guide in doing the Foot Hang Pose. A Foot Hang is a super fun aerial inversion where you hang with your feet

  • Strong Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow

    This class fuses glorious aerial hammock yoga poses with a vinyasa flow to maximize the sculpting and toning benefits of our Aerial Yoga Hammock. It includes poses such as modified chair pose, modified tree pose, 3 point plank and fallen star variation.

  • Aerial Yoga Flow: Yin and Yang

    Find moments of Balance and Stillness with our Aerial Yoga Yin and Yang Flow with Natalie. Yin and Yang Aerial Yoga is the perfect balance of physical intensity and quiet restorative practice. This class includes poses such as Warriors 1, 2, 3, Bow and Arrow, and modified Mermaid with our Aerial ...

  • Pose Tutorial: Secretary

    Tighten & tone your core, glutes, and hips with our new Pose Tutorial: Secretary with Natalie! The Secretary is one of the most effective waist openers. It targets specific areas like the sides of your waist and lower back.

  • Aerial Yoga Flow: Fly And Float

    Flexibility, mind-body connection, and toning are all done while suspended in the air in our Aerial Yoga Hammock, making for a challenging experience that will leave you feeling refreshed.

  • Pose Tutorial: Pretty Skirt

    This class includes step-by-step instructions showing you how to execute the Pretty Skirt Pose.

  • Pose Tutorial: Bird's Nest

    This class with Natalie will help you improve your shoulder stability. It involves the steps on how you can achieve the Bird's Nest pose, which is a good aerial inversion. It's a good shoulder opener and backbend.

  • Climb High Aerial Yoga Flow

    This class is a fantastic way to build strength and stamina. It focuses on climbs, starts with a gentle warm up to make sure that your body is ready for the practice, and includes poses like Flying goddess, cowboy roll and floating lotus pose

  • Pose Tutorial: Star Pose

    This class will help you align your spine correctly with our Pose Tutorial: Star Pose. it includes a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this pose.

  • Pose Tutorial: Downward Facing Dog

    Stretch your Hamstring and Strengthen your arms with our Pose Tutorial: Downward Facing Dog. It includes the steps on how you can use your hammock to do the downward-facing dog and a fun twisted variation of the pose.

  • Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow

    This class will help increase circulation and bring a light sweat in our Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Natalie. We'll set a positive intention, breath work and will be led through a series of powerful vinyasa flows in our aerial hammock.

  • Pose Tutorial: Side Plank

    This class will help you improve your balance and strengthen your shoulders, wrists and arms with our Pose Tutorial: Side Plank. It includes 2 variations, one with the leg in the hammock and 2nd one is in the arms in the hammock

  • Pose Tutorial: Locust Pose

    This class will help you strengthen the entire back of your body. It includes the steps on how you can achieve the Locust Pose in our Aerial Hammock

  • Pose Tutorial: Straddle Drop

    This class will help you create a great foundation for your aerial drops. It includes the steps on how you can successfully do a straddle drop

  • Aerial Yoga for Back Relief

    This class will decompress your spine, it includes exercises such as releasing hamstrings, hips, psoas & using inversions to decompress the spine to provide relief from back pain

  • Pose Tutorial: Thigh Wrap

    This class will utilize your leg muscles and includes a step by step process of getting into a thigh wrap

  • PIlates Classics Part 1

    This class will correct your muscular imbalances by incorporating Pilates Classics with aerial yoga. Suitable for all levels, we're reframing Classical Pilates with the help of a hammock

  • Pilates Classics Part 2

    This class will improve your posture and coordination. Suitable for all levels, it includes exercises such as planks, hip twists, and leg stretches

  • Pilates Classics Part 3

    This class will help you fight fatigue and relieve lower back pain. Suitable for all levels. It includes exercises such as flying cobra, somersault, single and double leg stretch and floating cobra