Beginners Classes

  • Pose Tutorial: Star Pose

    This class will help you align your spine correctly with our Pose Tutorial: Star Pose. it includes a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve this pose.

  • Aerial Yoga for Back Relief

    This class will decompress your spine, it includes exercises such as releasing hamstrings, hips, psoas & using inversions to decompress the spine to provide relief from back pain

  • Pose Tutorial: Flying Squirrel

    This class will help you build your arm muscles while providing the breakdown of the Flying Squirrel Pose.

  • Pose Tutorial: Superwoman

    This class will stretch your stomach and lower back. It includes the step by step guide in doing the Superwoman Pose.

  • Core Builders Class for Beginners

    This class with Natalie will help you alleviate back pain and improve your posture by doing exercises that will strengthen your core. This flow includes using the hammock to support core strengthening exercises, such as low boat, leg flutters, and plank flows.

  • Inversion Flow for Beginners

    This class will focus on learning how to get upside down and strengthen your back and core abdominal muscles. It includes a sequence of inversions suitable for beginners using the hammock as a seat for more support.

  • Inversion Fundamentals

    This class will focus on learning techniques on how to get upside down comfortably and strengthen your back and core abdominal muscles.

  • Hips & Lower Back Release - Beginner Class

    This 25-minute class with Justine will strengthen your core and will also relieve the tension and pain from your lower back and hips. This flow includes suspended bow, bridge, arm strength pull up, pigeon prep, and hip release.

  • 1-Hour Fitness Class

    Natalie will challenge you in this beginner-level fitness-focused flow. Suitable for beginner and intermediate students aiming to gain aerial strength and stamina.

  • Full Body Beginner to Intermediate Progression

    This is a 60-Minute Progressive flow with Justine. The first half is suitable for a beginner who is comfortable in the hammock and ready to explore inversions. The sway and swing of the fabric may cause nausea and dizziness.

    The second part assumes you are comfortable with inversions, have suff...

  • Swing Sway Slow Stretch

    This 30 minute flow is suitable for all levels, and a great way to destress or begin with the hammock to be more comfortable in the fabric. Please be aware of contraindications for individuals with neck issues. Take extra care to support and not strain the neck if doing this flow.

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  • Restorative Class for Hips & Hamstrings

    Gravity will help you relax and open in this 25-minute restorative class for hips and hamstrings. The hammock should be hung around 12 inches from the ground.

  • Relaxing Restorative Low Flow

    Join Dee in this 25-minute low-to-the-ground sequence featuring poses to relax and restore. This class is open to all levels and features a gentler inversion therapy sequence combining the hammock and the ground.

  • Aerial Yoga Fitness Flow

    Fitness focused flow for beginners, led by Natalie. This flow will challenge your balance and invigorate your whole body.

  • Stretch and Strengthen for Beginners

    Join Dee in this 25-minute class, including a side angle sequence, cobra, camel, and more. This class will stretch and strengthen your back, hips, and shoulders.

  • Pose Tutorial: Aerial Yoga Handstand

    Handstands strengthen balance, upper body strength, core strength, and can be a great mood booster. Dee provides a breakdown suitable for students comfortable with basic inversions.

  • Beginner's Full Body Aerial Yoga Class

    Natalie leads this dynamic class, suitable for beginners - featuring hamstring and side body stretches, warrior sequences and more.