Intermediate Classes

  • Pose Tutorial: Foot Hang

    A great movement to stretch your core and leg, while also giving you a nice upper body workout! Join our new Pose Tutorial with Natalie, Foot Hang. This class includes a step by step guide in doing the Foot Hang Pose. A Foot Hang is a super fun aerial inversion where you hang with your feet

  • Pose Tutorial: Bird's Nest

    This class with Natalie will help you improve your shoulder stability. It involves the steps on how you can achieve the Bird's Nest pose, which is a good aerial inversion. It's a good shoulder opener and backbend.

  • Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow

    This class will help increase circulation and bring a light sweat in our Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Natalie. We'll set a positive intention, breath work and will be led through a series of powerful vinyasa flows in our aerial hammock.

  • Pose Tutorial: Backbend

    This intermediate-level pose will help you improve your posture and Flexibility with our new Pose Tutorial: Backbend. It includes a step-by-step guide in achieving this pose.

  • Pose Tutorial: Flying Squirrel

    This class will help you build your arm muscles while providing the breakdown of the Flying Squirrel Pose.

  • Advanced Energizing Aerial Yoga Flow Part 2& 3

    This class with Natalie will engage all your senses and includes energizing moves and poses for a stimulating experience.

  • Advanced Energizing Aerial Yoga Flow Part 1

    This class with Natalie will awaken your mind and senses. Suitable for advanced yogis. It includes a flow with energizing moves and poses

  • Aerial Yoga Power Flow

    This class includes a flow which uses a range of poses and transitions to ensure a full body work out

  • Flip and Roll Class Part 2

    The 2nd part of this class with Justine will develop your skills to perfect a Flip and roll. Suitable for intermediate and advanced level yogis. It includes adding on plough, suspended prone, plough, then taking your feet in and out of fabric to challenge plough and suspended prone.

  • Flip and Roll Class Part 1

    This class with Justine will develop your skills to perfect a Flip and roll. Suitable for intermediate and advanced level yogis. The first part includes a warm-up; core, spine mobility, rolling, somersault. It also includes an angel flip, chrysalis, shoulder stand while suspended in a hammock.

  • Intermediate Inversion Flow

    This class will improve the circulation in your body, as well as your posture and overall balance. It includes a sequence of intermediate inversions, using the hammock as a belt, and using the hammock in shoulder stands

  • Standing Aerial Flow

    Natalie leads a 20-minute class featuring poses for the advanced beginner aerial yogi. This is a progressive class, that will strengthen both your body and mind.

  • Pose Tutorial: Fallen Star

    This class with Natalie includes a step by step breakdown of the Fallen Star Pose. Suitable for intermediate level yogis. It helps build upper body strength in the arms and shoulders and strengthens the core muscles. It also opens and stretches the chest, hamstrings, and hips.

  • Lats, Arms, and Balance 30-Minute Class

    This 30-minute class with Justine will strengthen your balance and upper body. Suitable for intermediate level aerial yogis. This flow includes: Pull-ups, supported crescent lunge, tree pose, 1 leg chair balance, crow, split, side lateral flex, arms and legs exercises, as well as a chest opener.

  • Aerial Yoga Plank Flow

    Join Natalie in this 30-minute core blasting class, exploring a variety of plank poses and sequences to build strength. The hammock is at hip height for this sequence.

  • Shoulder Stand Flow

    Explore movements from shoulder stand to challenge the core. Flip through this full fabric flow with your hammock set at hip height. This class is led by Natalie.

  • Aerial Yoga Conditioning

    Join Natalie in this full-body class, suitable for advanced beginners and intermediates to build strength and stamina.

  • Intermediate Aerial Yoga Flow

    This class is for anti-gravity yogis who feel comfortable flowing through intermediate poses. Led by Natalie, this class includes inversions and flips.

  • Full Body Beginner to Intermediate Progression

    This is a 60-Minute Progressive flow with Justine. The first half is suitable for a beginner who is comfortable in the hammock and ready to explore inversions. The sway and swing of the fabric may cause nausea and dizziness.

    The second part assumes you are comfortable with inversions, have suff...

  • Challenge Flow from Coffin Pose

    12-Minute Challenge from Coffin Pose, challenging your balance and arm strength, led by Natalie.